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Visme is a robust and growing design platform with millions of users where anyone can create graphics, infographics, cross-compatible cloud-based presentations, animated social media content, and more. Visme for Brands allows a design team to lock down identity, using their own templates for content creation or the Visme templates with specified brand fonts and colors. Visme gives you the ability to empower colleagues to be brand advocates through active collaboration in visual content.

My exciting role as CMO & Head of Brand at Visme is to bring the power of Visme to anyone who is looking to create compelling visual content, whether with one of our free accounts or an enterprise-level plan for global teams. As a former Creative & Brand Director, I’ll be bringing thought leadership on brand to our exceptional blog content and engaging with my brand management peers who I know experience the same pain points and frustrations that I have experienced and who I know are looking for a solution to these problems.

My Background: At 21, in the middle of college, I found out that I was going to become a single mom. I worked full-time, studied full-time and graduated, Magna Cum Laude, from George Mason University. I was determined to build a life and a career to support my child. I had taught myself to code and design; I started using those skills, combining technical and design with my passion for marketing and leadership. Just a few years after my daughter was born, I’m married with three incredible kids. I’ve also built an amazing career I absolutely love. I am also honored to be a nominee for 2019’s Forbes 30 Under 30, and look forward to learning from the best and the brightest in my fellow nominees.