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You know how when someone asks you "What do you do?" or "What is your business?" and you can't quite find the words to articulate it? Well, I'm the one who helps you break through the barrier of having a mind block and tongue-tie meltdown so that you can clearly communicate who you are and what you do in a manner that resonates with the masses and attracts the customers and clients you desire.

My name is Maleeka T. Hollaway and I am the Brand Communication Coach. I coach, train and teach small business owners and entrepreneurs how to properly communicate their brand to bring in the business they need to thrive. But I don't just stop there...

The key to building a lasting, sustainable and attractive brand is to know your audience, what they want and to bring it to them. And I handle that for you as well. I use my professional knowledge, authority and wit to devise a solid plan for media pitching and placement so that you gain the exposure your business and brand needs to dominate your market.

I'm all about doing business the right way-the profitable way. And that begins with helping you break the mold you've placed on yourself so that you can do life and business on another level.

The world is oyster. So, are you ready to own it?

While you ponder that, send me a message just to let me know you've read this or to share your ideas for collaboration.;
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