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Tyson Foods, Inc.

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Tyson Foods, Inc.



A life-long student who wants to learn something new every day. Sharer of information, creator of solutions, fan of smart ideas, and cheerleader for creative people.

Curious about the world, how it works, and how the people in it relate to each other. Outgoing and friendly, no fear in talking to a stranger. Problem solver who likes to connect the dots between people, ideas, and places.

A creative thinker with the tenacity and diligence to follow through on projects in a timely manner. Severe attention to detail and constant thought on cause and effect of decisions made. Resourceful and clever in project design and management.

Social Media “geek” who enjoys learning and practicing new ways to reach people and improve the way they understand and communicate. Fascinated by conversations and discussions started online and their offline impact. Blog participant with enthusiasm for influencer marketing.

Looking to contribute a small piece to the larger puzzle and put in work and effort towards a successful result. Wanting to leave a footprint on this world, big or small.

Skills: Business communications (English, Spanish), project management, process creation and documentation, presentations, budget creation and tracking, customer service, relationship building, content creation, event planning, social media marketing, time management, problem solving

Experience with: print advertising, online marketing, project management, public relations, community outreach, nonprofit fundraising, social media management, event sponsorship, sales, leading teams, website design and maintenance, website analytics, cross-cultural work environments, volunteer coordination

Interested in: online marketing, shopper marketing, leading teams and projects, influencer marketing, brand activation, community development, supporting local business, downtown revitalizations