Code of Conduct


The purpose of this Community Policy (the “Policy”) is to preserve and protect the Network of Executive Women, Inc.’s (the “Network”) reputation and brand, to avoid or minimize the Network’s potential liability risks associated with the use of the community, and to provide guidance for use of the community on the Network’s behalf by Board members, Officers, national and regional committee members, and other volunteers. The Network believes that community participants or influencers have a role to play as “brand ambassadors” for the Network. This Policy applies to individuals who are not employees, such as officers, directors, or members of the Network, or its agents, contractors, affiliates, and business partners, who publish content on the Network’s behalf through the community and other online media. This Policy is not intended to apply to the purely private use, with no connection to the activities of the Network or its members, of social media. All Board members, Officers, national and regional committee members, and volunteers are expected to know and follow this Policy and the below guidelines when using social media on behalf of the Network. 


Board members, Officers, national and regional committee members, and volunteers posting content online on the Network’s behalf should conform to the following guidelines:

• Be respectful, honest and accurate, and professionally appropriate.

• Do not comment on or post outside the scope of the Network’s mission.

• Do not engage in partisan politics (any direct or indirect activities in support of or opposition to any candidate for elective public office at any level of government, whether federal, state, or local).

• Do not post negative or otherwise detrimental content about specific individuals, companies, or organizations.

• Do not post express or implied statements or other content that is insulting, obscene, discriminatory, threatening, harassing, false or misleading.

• Do not use the community platform to promote third-party commercial interests, though the Network may use these platforms to recognize the Network’s partners and supporters.

• Anything you publish in the community must respect and comply with all federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and ordinances, including copyright, trademark, trade secrets, fair use, financial disclosure, and other applicable laws. You must have permission before using logos or trademarks owned by others.

• Do not divulge confidential information or other sensitive information about the Network’s members, supporters, sponsors and vendors to which you have access.

• Write in the first person - when you contribute commentary about the Network or Network-related matters to an external audience, it is important that you are speaking only for yourself.

• You should assume and recognize that all online activities are public, and create a permanent record. Think before you write, post or tweet, and use common sense and good professional judgment.

• Please follow the terms and conditions (i.e. terms of use or service) of the community.

• Protect your own privacy online by adjusting your privacy settings and publishing your updates only to the audiences with whom you wish to share your status.

The guidelines in this Policy may evolve as new social networking and other online tools emerge. The Network reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time. In the event of a dispute as to the interpretation of this Policy, the Network’s interpretation shall be final.